Sunday, August 9, 2009

We're Back

Dominick and I had an amazing time in Cancun. We stayed at the Sun Palace. It is a beautiful, all-inclusive resort that is so worth it. We highly recommend this resort and also the Aventura Spa Palace. Both are owned by Palace Resorts. Hopefully next spring we can plan a family vacation to one of these two resorts, or the Moon Palace if kids come too. I think everyone would enjoy it. Start thinking about joining us. I'll get more info and details...

We just spent a wonderful weekend with my mom and dad in Santa Barbara. We stayed at the Blue Dolphin Inn in Cambria on Moonstone Beach. It was beautiful and our rooms were really nice. It was freezing outside. We tried walking on the beach when we arrived but were so cold we had to cut our walk short. On Friday, we went to the Super Rica Taqueria in Santa Barbara, and after standing in line for almost forty-five minutes just to order, we were disappointed with the food. Bummer. We went to the SB Mission, and it was beautiful. On Saturday we took a walk on Moonstone beach, then we walked around Cayucos, then ate a good lunch in Morro Bay. The highlight was going to Hearst Castle. Dominick and I went on a small tour that led us to the top floors of the castle along with William Hearst's library and bedroom. Pretty spectacular. My parents were treated like VIPs. While Dominick and I were carried up the hill in a school bus, my parents were in a smaller air-conditioned vehicle with only two other people. They were transported around the grounds on a golf cart and were given a deluxe tour of the kitchen, the gardens, and the guest house. They even had their own tour guide. This was because they were on tour #6, the handicapped tour. We saw them once and they just smiled and waved as they climbed into their golf cart. We ate dinner in Cambria and went to Linn's pie shop for dessert. Delicious. Today (Sunday), we slept in and then packed up and drove home. We had a great weekend and are so glad we had the opportunity to go with my parents. They are really fun to hang out with.

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