Friday, April 12, 2013

Prepping for Next Week

Anita has a delicious chicken chili recipe that she will hopefully share with us. :-) We should make it sometime this weekend and then portion it out in containers and freeze some for midweek so it stays fresh.  The chicken salad I ate today did not taste very fresh at all. We should also get all of our salad stuff ready too.  That means we should wash, dry, tear, slice, and dice, all of our lettuce and veggies into separate ziplock bags or containers.  It is a pain to make a salad.  Might as well do all the prep at once and then just throw the salad together at lunch or dinner.  I would also recommend making a large container of salad dressing for the week.  We should also bake or grill the chicken or beef that will be going on the salads.  Unless you like to make it fresh every day.  I think I will grill all of it on Monday or Tuesday.  Then I will slice it up and put it in baggies in the fridge and freezer.  I really loved having all my meals prepared at the beginning of this week.  It made mealtime way less stressful.  I wasn't thinking of food all day because I knew what I was going to eat, and it was already prepared.  This week if you get sick of chili or salad, you could always have veggie patties or black bean burgers.  Or you could make any meals from week one if you'd like.  I'm excited to see you on Monday and hear how Week 1 went.  Praying for you and love you!


  1. found a high-protein, no-sugar dessert for you, sounds really delicious and filling!

  2. Thanks Mersie. The name sounds really good. I'll look it up right now.