Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 4

Good Morning! I thought I'd explain about our "huge taco salads" from yesterday's blog. I had to deviate from my weekly menu because I wasn't at home. I use the term "huge" because like I said in my first post, I can and do, consume a large quantity of food. I enjoy eating and don't want the meal to end. The taco salads were still in line with my eating plan. Lots of veggies, lean proteins, and beans. The Greek yogurt acts like sour cream but it has zero fat and lots of protein. You should try it! The taco salad was delicious.

I just finished my blueberry protein shake. It was so good. Today I used non-frozen blueberries. I liked them just as much as the frozen ones. The only difference was I needed to add ice today because I like my shake really cold. Does anyone have a breakfast idea for next week? Should I keep drinking shakes? They are very good and perfect for summer. Any ideas? Please post a comment or email me with your response. Thanks!

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