Friday, July 17, 2009

Thanks for praying

Thank you for praying for me yesterday. The interview went well. The Lord helped me answer the questions clearly and I was calm and at peace the whole time. I'll let you know what happens. I will be fine either way. If that job doesn't work out, hopefully something else will come up.

Yesterday I had my protein shake for breakfast then I went out to lunch with my friend Norma. We went to House Fish Via Vera Cruz. They have gone downhill. First of all, they stopped including a side salad with your meal. They won't even let you substitute the other sides for the salad. The waitress said she would have to charge me $3.50 extra. Ridiculous. They also raised their prices. I paid $17.00 for a grilled piece of calamari, steamed broccoli, and six cherry tomatoes. What a rip off. Dominick said we are boycotting them from now on. By the way, even though I wasn't going to eat any bread, they also stopped bringing a loaf of sourdough bread and gave us two little rolls instead. Last night for dinner I made Dominick my strawberry salad (He's still not tired of it), chicken, and beans with jalapeƱo slices. I had a big bowl of Greek yogurt, sliced strawberries with splenda, and some raw almonds. It was very good.

Alyssa and Joshua drove in yesterday from Arizona. I'm so glad they are here. I am looking forward to her birthday on Sunday. I'm sure my mom will go all out. The food will be amazing. I can almost taste it.


  1. House Fish or Fish House?
    No one should pay $17 for that lunch - they must have changed owners.
    Don, try the chicken salad from Pita Jungle - broiled chicken (with a few toasted pinenuts) on top of tons of romaine, lots of cucumber slices, tomato slices, red onion. There's no feta, but you could add it. You could also throw in a few greek olives if you want to. Then just a super-lemony vinaigrette. So filling and refreshing. The chicken is marinated in some sort of garlic marinade with some parsley, maybe paprika, salt, pepper. Very simple and perfect. I could eat this every day. In fact, I should, especially in the summer when it's so hot.

  2. PS, have you ever had the classic greek salad with chicken and fire-roasted feta at daphne's greek cafe? it's pretty darn good too!