Thursday, July 23, 2009

Salad and Salad

How delicious is salad?! Today I went to Surf Brothers Teriyaki for lunch. I love their simple menu. You have three choices. 2 teriyaki chicken skewers, 2 teriyaki steak skewers, or one of each. Your meal is served with a cabbage salad, and brown or white rice. Simple and delicious. I had the light bite meal (one skewer) with double salad and no rice. It was so good. The chicken is marinated and grilled and tastes just right with the cabbage salad. The salad needs a little teriyaki sauce and a tiny bit of soy sauce to have perfect flavoring. I ate every bite and was satisfied. For dinner I made a salad with lots of yellow cherry tomatoes, avocado, and leftover tri-tip. It was even better than my lunch salad. There is something about avocado. It adds such a creaminess and flavor to salad. I love it!


  1. Is Surf Bros the same as Island Bros? I love that cabbage salad too. Although, I think I'd have to keep the rice and mix with the cabbage. I might make that same salad for dinner tonight. I've got leftover grilled flank steak and cherry tomatoes. Just need some lettuce and avocados. I made a balsamic dressing last night with crumbled feta and some fage for creaminess, italian seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic powder. Not bad. It needed to be sweeter I think. Maybe I should have reduced the balsamic first.

  2. Yes, it is the same place. I think they have changed their name three times. It was really good. Your dressing sounds delicious. Maybe next time you could add a little brown sugar to your recipe. I have a delicious dressing recipe that has a little brown sugar and it is very yummy.