Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet Success

Today was a great day. It is definitely easier to eat the right way when I am busy and not right next to the kitchen. Have you tried the Vivanno protein/fiber shakes from Starbucks? They have 280 calories and are made with 2% milk and a whole banana. Recently Starbucks went all natural. They used to add high fructose corn syrup and artificial color and flavor to their shakes. Now the shakes have just the fruit puree or cocoa, milk, banana, and their protein powder. I have ordered them three times and have never really liked them. I knew that they could taste good and fit my eating plan if I could tweak them a little. I tried them with half a banana and skim milk. They were pretty flavorless. I tried the chocolate/banana with a shot of espresso, and half a banana. It tasted like cold bitter coffee. Today I think I did it. I ordered the chocolate/banana Vivanno with half a banana to lower the carbs and calories, skim milk instead of 2%, and two pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup. It was deliciously cold, sweet, and satisfying. It has around 200 calories and 15 grams protein. A great small meal or snack. Just perfect for such a hot day.

Dominick loved the dinner I made for him. We had flounder with homemade tarter sauce, and my strawberry salad. Half way through his meal, his mouth full and a grin on his face, he gave me a look that said it was so good he couldn't stop to talk. He just grunted a couple of times and gave me a thumbs up. I'm so glad he likes my cooking.

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