Monday, July 6, 2009

A Successful First Day

I did it! I made it through my first day, eating the right things. Here are some tips. It is best to add the blueberries first instead of the protein powder. If not, you risk having the powder stick to the bottom of the Magic Bullet mug. I grilled a whole package of chicken breasts and then sliced them and put each breast in a zip lock baggie before putting them into the freezer. This made putting together my salad so much easier. I always have one bag defrosting in the fridge for the next day. Also, Sam's club has a huge bag of washed and cut romaine. This is so convenient. I made my strawberry salad for my mom today. She said she liked it. Dominick said my fajita dinner was delightful. He said he didn't even miss the tortillas. He wasn't joking either. I made lime jello with Greek yogurt for dessert. I'm serious, it tasted almost exactly like Ruben's green jello. Delicious! I am ready for day two!

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