Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 6

Today was the hardest eating day of the week.  I think this was because I am used to eating whatever I want on the weekends.  My mom and I went to Sam's club and luckily they were offering chicken breast, flounder, and sugar-free popsicles as samples.  This afternoon I wanted to munch on something so I snacked on a small handful of dark chocolate chips and raw almonds.  I did read this was an ok snack on the Zone diet so I guess I am safe.  I was really craving chocolate and the chocolate chips really hit the spot.  I don't know why weekends are so much harder than Monday through Friday.  I need to get through tomorrow. Then I will know that I will be able to succeed in my eating plan.

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  1. Hi Lola,

    Wanted to give you an idea for a treat - it is low-carb but not exactly low fat...

    There's this Japanese sushi restaruant in Mission Viejo that makes the best Lobster Hand Rolls, and today while at Albertsons I found the soy wrappers (used instead of seawead wrappers) that this restaurant uses. They only have 1 carb for one wrapper and they come in 5 to a pkg, in different colors/flavors, and Albertsons just happened to have Lobster tails on sail. The other ingredients - chopped romaine, cucumbers, and avocado. I cooked the lobster (threw them in some boiling salted water) for about 5 minutes (I never cooked lobster tails before, but knew I shouldnt over cook them, so I watched them until I thought they were just firm and no longer raw looking) and then allowed to cool before tossing in a mayo, siracha, lemon juice, salt pepper "dressing", then layered on the wrapper and rolled it. Wasn't exactly the same but delicious and decadent. If you like lobster you should try it -- It would probably be just as good with shrimp also. Oh, and we dipped them in soy/wasabi mixture, but not too much to take away from the delicious lobster mixture.

    To go with it I had marinated some top sirloin and chicken breats in some soyaki and then we made yakitori sticks and grilled them. They are great for snacks during the day and taste good cold. That was one of my favorite meals this week.

    Love, Dulce